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Amrita Sparkling 500 ml (carbonated) 1 pack (12 bottles)

Amrita Sparkling 500 ml (carbonated) 1 pack (12 bottles)

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For those who like to quench their thirst with sparkling drinks, we are pleased to offer lightly carbonated water "Amrita Sparkling", the creation of which uses natural water obtained from a 153 m deep well and enriched with minerals and trace elements of the highest purity and pharmaceutical quality - zinc, selenium, magnesium , calcium, sodium, potassium, as well as vitamin C.

People often have the misconception that carbonated water is unhealthy because of the added carbon dioxide. We would like to emphasize that this assumption does not correspond to the truth, because the human body does not absorb carbon dioxide, and it is excreted from our body. Basically, it happens in the process of breathing.

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